Parlor Jazz at Marjorie Eliot’s: Musical Magic


Every Sunday at 4pm in Harlem, musical magic happens. Marjorie Eliot, an elegant woman of a certain age, welcomes guests to her informal home studio for a jazz concert featuring some of the most talented performers in New York and beyond. This is Parlor Jazz at Marjorie Eliot’s, and it’s about as authentic an experience as you’ll find in this city. It’s also completely free—though Ms. Eliot graciously accepts donations—so plan a visit on your next date night and get ready to be amazed. After you’re buzzed in, guide your sweetheart to Apartment 3F, where several dozen folding chairs are set up facing a piano. The anticipation is palpable as a pianist, saxophonist, trumpeter, and bass player take their places and begin to play. This is a music-focused environment, and proper decorum is faithfully observed. There’s no talking while the band is playing, but that’s okay–you won’t want to say a word as the beautiful strains of classic jazz envelop you, rising and rising to a joyful crescendo. Once the last note is played, the room erupts in applause, then falls silent again as the next song begins. Now close your eyes and take in every detail of the experience. You might be in someone’s parlor, but the music will transport you to another world.

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Parlor Jazz at Marjorie Eliot's

555 Edgecombe Ave New York NY 10032


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