It’s rare that a housewares store is worthy of an afternoon outing with your sweetheart, but Fishs Eddy is not your average housewares store. Ask any New Yorker. They’ll tell you that this quirky shop on the corner of 19th and Broadway is their first stop whenever they move into a new apartment, expand their kitchen, stock their bar with glassware, or just need to replace that beloved coffee mug that took a fatal dive off the counter. You and your significant other will definitely find what you’re looking for in this rustic shop, but that’s just the beginning. While you’re there, your eyes will scan the racks and shelves and find something you simply can’t live without for another day. This bonnie blue cake stand will come in handy for your next birthday celebration. That porcelain gravy boat’s essential for holiday entertaining. And who wouldn’t want to eat nachos out of a bicycle-patterned bowl like this? Resist the urge to buy everything in the store—nobody’s kitchen is that big—but if you and your partner can make a few strategic purchases you’ll be ready to entertain (and show off your New York City skyline coffee mug) in no time.

Fishs Eddy

889 Broadway New York NY 10003

(212) 420-9020

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