Get Positively Medieval at the Cloisters


Step into a world of Medieval mystery on your next day date in New York with a visit to The Cloisters. Perched on a hill overlooking the Hudson River at the northern tip of Manhattan, this indoor/outdoor museum–a branch of the Met–houses one of the world’s largest collections of Medieval art, making it a great spot for a romantic afternoon away from the crowds downtown. Hold your sweetheart by the hand and take the A train (yes, just like the song) to 190th Street, where the museum, which is located in picturesque Fort Tryon Park, is just a short walk away.

Once you’re there, you’ll quickly discover that the Cloisters isn’t just filled with art, it is art. The museum is constructed from five authentic European cloistered abbeys, which were taken apart block by block and column by column, shipped to New York, and put back together here in the 1930s, integrated with other Medieval-style buildings. The effect is magical–it feels like you’re in Europe because, well, you pretty much are.

Wander through the courtyards, where herbs and flowers from France and Spain perfume the air, and imagine yourselves as members of some long-ago royal court. But don’t forget to explore the interior galleries, because that would mean missing the centerpiece of the whole collection, the Unicorn Tapestries, which bring to life childhood tales of knights, maidens, and mythical beasts. Look, but don’t touch, as these valuable textiles date back to 1495, when New York was just a forested island at the mouth of a river. Armed with your memories and a few photos, head back into the modern era, where a cozy cafe will provide the perfect spot to share your favorite moments of a very special day together.

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The Cloisters

99 Margaret Corbin Drive New York NY 10040

(212) 923-3700

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