The creative chefs at Tribeca’s Atera have New Yorkers rethinking cuisine, making an intriguing destination for your next anniversary dinner. The place is tiny, so you’ll be reserving far in advance, a level of planning that should be appreciated. An unmarked entry lends an air of mystery as you make your way down to a friendly lair. You’ll be seated at a communal table close to the action, in the company of equally enthusiastic gourmands ready for a unique experience. The evening unwinds slowly, as playful snacks like lobster rolls and nesting quail eggs appear. Your sensual pleasure with the tastes will compete with delight at the surprises—that razor clam “shell” is actually a baguette, and the diver scallops rest on a bed of citrus ice and gin botanicals. There’s master foraging at work here, so you’ll have plenty of conversation fodder, especially when the lichen chips appear. Wine pairings are every bit as thoughtful as the food, carrying you right up to the chocolate truffles that front as walnut shells for dessert. For getting in a romantic mood, chocolate truffles simply can’t be beat.


77 Worth St., New York, NY 10013 NY

(212) 226-1444

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