For your next group get-together, grab a paddle and bring on the competition. New York’s take on Ping-Pong injects some serious glamour, so break out of the bar routine and take your friends to SPiN in the Flatiron District, a posh Ping-Pong parlor where you can perfect your serves, slams, and boo-yas. Hold court and talk trash at one of seventeen tables, or grab some beers with your buds and check out the expert paddle-work of the pros—their crazy skills just might rub off on you. The casual crowd is ready to yell like mad when a rally won’t die or somebody pulls off a crazy shot, helping you feel like the champion you are. Full-service means you won’t waste time fetching balls, as there’s staff for that, as well as for mixing up your crew a creative collection of cocktails for the losers to pay for. An interior that feels more like a nightclub than a basement rec-room makes the atmosphere even livelier—your crew can take solace there after you’ve schooled them in the awesome power of your topspin.

SPiN New York

48 E. 23rd Street, NY 10010

(212) 982-8802

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