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If you and your girlfriends are looking for an inspiring place to shop after yoga class this weekend, seek enlightenment at Satya. This tranquil West Village boutique carries jewelry with a spiritual bent, using precious metals, colorful semi-precious stones, and sacred symbols that are much more than mere ornamentation, though they’re certainly gorgeous to look at. They’re future heirlooms.

The incense-scented air inside the shop is hushed and serene, with the sitar stylings of Anoushka Shankar piped in for background music. The walls are lined with square alcoves lit up like shrines, and they present you with statuettes, colorful home goods, patterned scarves, and unconventional jewelry of all types. The jewelry designs represent a stylish take on traditional spiritual symbols. Eastern images, like the lotus flower or mandalas, share space with gold necklaces depicting constellations from the Zodiac. Gemstones are in abundance, too, and you learn each stone’s particular power. Sapphire, for example, engenders prosperity, while turquoise represents healing. A delicate gold chain with an Om symbol particularly speaks to you: Om is the sacred sound of the universe, and as you try on the necklace, you feel at peace.

That blend of the beautiful and spiritual is the big-picture idea behind Satya. The word means “truth” in Sanskrit, and it’s the spiritual name of one of the co-founders. She received it after an intensive yoga retreat shortly before she was inspired to start this business, which she still runs as a labor of love ten years later.

You and your friends are especially taken with silk wrist bands, so you each select one in a different color: dark teal, tangerine, cream, and chocolate. With a gold-plated tree charm sewn into the silk, the bands look vibrant and elegant on your wrists, but also put you in mind of a peaceful forest. That should prove useful, especially in the middle of your hectic urban workdays.

Best of all: While you’re paying, you learn that proceeds from those Arm Yourself wrist wraps go to children’s charities. Now that’s good karma.

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Satya Jewelry

330 Bleecker Street New York NY 10014

(212) 243-7313

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