The next time you’re down for a group get-together, grab your friends and check out the risqué business going on at the Slipper Room on the Lower East Side. Hop up the stairs and enter a posh burlesque spot that’s equal parts modern and vintage. Behold a classy crowd of buttoned-down gents and ladies in little black dresses. Given the neighborhood, you’ll probably catch a colorful flash of body ink on some gal’s shoulder as well. Sip a clever cocktail like a New Fangled (a modern take on the Old Fashioned) and settle into a mezzanine seat upstairs, or claim a spot right in the thick of things on the main floor. Watch with anticipation as the curtain rises and get ready for an evening of music, magic, and maybe a buxom lass working the crowd from a flying trapeze. The burlesque is flirty and fun without being sleazy, so don’t worry about offending any sensitive souls in your entourage. They’ll be too busy shouting and laughing as an entertainer with a strategically placed fan poses for pictures on their laps.

The Slipper Room

167 Orchard St., New York NY 10002 NY

(212) 253-7246

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