NYC Fusion Restaurant Guide: From Midtown Manhattan to Brooklyn


Whether you’re in Midtown Manhattan, Brooklyn, or beyond, you can always find an enticing fusion restaurant from an award-winning chef. As you walk down the cobbled streets of the West Village and take in the aroma of basil and wood-fired pizza, you’ll feel as if you’ve been transported to Italy. You may even hear the distant crunch of crust in your mouth. But if you find yourself in Jackson Heights, you can treat your senses to the smell of fragrant curries and masalas that fills the streets. With so many delicious options in the cultural melting pot that is NYC, it can sometimes be difficult to choose just one dining locale. By heading to a fusion restaurant, you can indulge in a delicious mixture of flavors that will make your taste buds dance.

Haven Rooftop

If you make your way over to Sanctuary Hotel’s 9th-story Haven Rooftop, you’ll be able to take in the Midtown Manhattan view from a luxe-meets-nature space. As you look around, your eyes will be drawn to the cedar furnishings, abundant foliage, earth tone linens, and white-draped cabanas. After you peruse the modern menu, which features a blend of American and French cuisine, you take in the neon lights of Times Square while sipping a fizzy “Safe Haven” with mango vodka, passion fruit, and ginger beer. Sit back and relax, allowing your senses to be captivated by the creaminess of a calamari-laced mushroom risotto or the spiciness of a Cajun-roasted chicken done in a buttery Beurre blanc sauce.


At SUSHISAMBA, the Japanese dishes with a Latin twist really get your mouth watering. Head upstairs to a forest-like, indoor-outdoor patio, where you see bulbous white shades and sprawling vines dangling over wooden tables. If you can get a spot at the sushi bar, you’ll feel like you have a front row seat to a delicious Broadway show. But wherever you sit, be sure to bring your camera. From colorful sushi combinations artfully tied together with lemongrass to Peruvian Bay Scallops and lime wedges thoughtfully laid out on a black-and-white plate, the dishes at this eatery focus on aesthetics.


Another standout Japanese fusion restaurant is Dieci, which blends the Asian cuisine with the taste of Italian favorites. From the leather-bound menus to the dark chocolate wood blinds and tables—pre-set with spotless wine glasses, white porcelain plates, and flickering candles—elegance abounds at this fancy locale. Make some new friends at the communal table or snuggle up in a corner, where your server delivers dishes with beauty in mind. After looking through the menu, you may have trouble deciding between the Buffalo Mozzarella stacked with sea urchin and a citrusy yuzu foam, served in a translucent glass, or a spicy bowl of Ramen noodles with Parmesan and scallion-dotted bolognese, the colors striking against the white bowl.


Zengo in Midtown Manhattan blends Pan-Latin with Asian flavors across its three floors. Though “Zengo” literally means “give and take” in Japanese, the small creative plates are meant to be shared. Travel the world by dipping tortilla chips into a crab avocado dip laced with spicy ginger and Thai basil, indulging in pork dumplings taken south of the border with plantains, or taking a bite of buttery foie gras. If you’re in the mood for a drink, head to the downstairs tequila bar or the mezzanine sake lounge.

Ponty Bistro

For a trifecta of fusion, Ponty Bistro blends Senegalese, Mediterranean, and French cuisine. As you enter the cozy, narrow space, you see beige walls accented by earth-tone swatches and hear conversations in Wolof, French, and English about Senegalese politics, Parisian culture, and the best olive oils. The eatery’s effortless blend of Western African traditions with classic French and Mediterranean cooking is clear not only through chatter, but also the menu, as African spices douse everything from the mussels to the steak.

  • SUSHISAMBA West Village

    87 Seventh Avenue South, New York, New York 10014

    (212) 691 7885

  • Dieci

    228 E. 10th Street, New York, NY 10003

    (212) 387 9545

  • Zengo

    622 Third Ave at 40th Street, New York, NY 10017

    (212) 808 8110

  • Ponty Bistro

    218 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10003

    (212) 777 1616

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