Los Tacos No. 1: Meet Your New Favorite Taco Spot


Living in New York, you may think that you’ve tried every taco under the sun, thanks to a sizzling Mexican culinary scene that produces both classic and gourmet takes on the iconic south-of-the-border staple. But if you’ve never had the delicious, authentic tacos of Los Tacos No. 1, you’re missing out on what could easily become your No. 1 favorite taco spot in the city.

Whether you and your friends go for lunch or dinner, you’ll need to ready yourselves with a few deep breaths before joining the hoards descending on this food truck-inspired red and white stand in Chelsea Market. Even when the crowd becomes overwhelming, stay steady and hold your ground as the delectable smell of grilled meat motivates you to wait your turn. Once you get to the front of the line, there’s nothing standing between you and a plate full of what many consider the best tacos this side of the Rio Grande.

Scan the menu and choose between chicken, steak, pork, or cactus tacos. Pork is the clear standout–almost everybody orders at least one pork taco–but chicken and steak, each seasoned and cooked to perfection, find plenty of takers as well. Feel your stomach rumble in anticipation when your name is finally called and you pick up your tacos, each served in a warm, freshly-made corn or flour tortilla. Help yourself to sides such as charred green onions, radishes, cucumbers, and jalapenos, and heap on a generous serving of salsa or guacamole from a stone dipping bowl shaped like a pig–just one of many charming touches at this buzzing temple to tacos.

If you’re lucky, you might snag a table in Chelsea Market, but seating can be hard to come by, so once all your buddies have their tacos, you may just want to wolf them down on your feet. After your first bite, the wait and the hassle all but disappears from your mind, and you are left with the all-consuming thought of how delicious these tacos are–and how quickly you can come back for more.

Los Tacos No. 1

75 9th Avenue New York NY 10011

(212) 256-0343

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