For a great mix of classic and contemporary, head to trattoria Tavola in Hell’s Kitchen. The laid-back atmosphere is perfect for cutting loose on a night out with friends. Appreciate the modern comfort while you talk up the vintage touches. The original Italian grocer’s sign and shelves are still here, complemented by pressed-tin ceilings and tile floors. The space is roomy, with a long communal table for your crew to settle into. Warmth radiates from the custom dual ovens in back. They carry the names of Etna and Vesuvio, an indication of the volcanic temps that put just the right sear on fish, meats, and handcrafted Neapolitan pizzas. Pies are ideal for sharing, of course, and you’ll have fun hammering out what you’ll be sampling. Maybe a simple timeless Margherita, or a veggie-fest Viddana, with red peppers, fried zucchini, and fire-roasted artichokes. Antipasti is essential to any Italian meal out, and risotto rice balls, charcuterie boards, and marinated Sicilian olives will kick your night off right. A glass of wine rarely impedes conversation, and Tavola has you covered, with everything from bubbly proseccos to crisp pinot grigios. Before you leave, you may want to provision up at those grocer shelves in front. A bottle of Castelvetrano extra virgin olive oil, an exclusive import from Sicily, will bring back memories of a great night out with friends.


488 9th Ave New York NY 10018

(212) 273-1181

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