Edible Makeup in NYC: Do You Want Fries With That?


In the East Village, you’re in a hotbed of healthy downtown lifestyles. As you walk the neighborhood, you pass Jennifer’s Way Bakery, run by an actress turned gluten-free advocate, then notice the alluring Russian Turkish Baths across the street, and finally, Quintessence, a raw food eatery. But there’s one particular shop that draws you in with its inviting orange walls. Live Live & Organic is a spot where, oddly enough, you can find a little something from each of the lifestyle boutiques surrounding you. Edible makeup may sound strange, but once you start to look around, you realize exactly how much you want some.

The makeup section of the store is front and center, touting the natural and organic ingredients and letting everyone know the products are not your average cosmetics. It’s not eye shadow, it’s “Eye Shine.” It’s not cover up, it’s “Uncover Up.” And, of course, the blush can also be worn on your lips. For each product there are testers, and it feels good to put something on your skin that’s verifiably good for you. Does it sound too good to be true? If you need proof, just take one look at the label: It’s edible makeup!

You see a sign for “Bee Yummy Skinfood,” a moisturizer exclusive to Live Live & Organic. It’s made of hand-harvested, preservation-free ingredients that offer important nutrition and anti-aging powers. But is it yummy? The cream is rich and velvety, yet absorbs into your skin right away. You taste it on your lips, but it doesn’t have a strong flavor. It’s then you realize you often end up with one product or another on your lips. These products absorb into your skin, so of course, you want them to be natural, organic, and edible. All this talk of eating makes you remember how hungry you are. Luckily, you find raw chocolate just on the opposite wall.

At the checkout you notice the store even offer nutrition consultations and detoxifying programs. Of course, some people would rather be pampered. If that’s you, head to the nearest Exhale Mind Body Spa for a massage and facial experience. You can eat your makeup on the way over if you’re still hungry.

Live Live & Organic

261 East 10th Street New York NY 10009


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