Best Restaurants in NYC: 5 Ways to Take a Food Tour


As one of the dining capitals of the world, it’s helpful to have a guide show you the best restaurants in NYC. Taking a food tour is a great way to experience all the flavors the city has to offer—you can sample dishes from restaurants and get behind-the-scenes looks at how they work. Plus, you don’t have to do the planning! Here are five Big Apple food tours and dining experiences to try.

Scott’s Pizza Tours

To say Scott is obsessed with pizza is an understatement. He holds the Guinness World Record for the largest collection of pizza boxes, with more than 600 (which he keeps in his NYC apartment). When you pick one of Scott’s tours, like the Little Italy cross-town pizza walk or a bus tour through the outer boroughs, you learn the cooking times and temperatures for baking pies in wood-fire, coal-burning, and gas ovens. You start spouting facts about whether California or Italian San Marzano tomatoes are better, and discover why shredded mozzarella gets oily when baked. Along the way, you enjoy slices from at least four of the best restaurants in NYC for pizza.

The Original Greenwich Village Food and Culture Walking Tour

Check out some of the best restaurants in NYC on this walking tour through the famed Greenwich Village, run by Foods of New York. You get tasty snacks from eight restaurants along the way, with delicacies like arancini (rice balls), eggplant rollatini, artichoke pizza, and gourmet olive oils, as well as cow, sheep and goat cheese, cannoli, and cookies straight from the oven. While your tour guide shares local history, you burn off some of those delicious calories as you explore the area.

Sunday Funday: Boozy Brooklyn Tasting Tours

You head across the East River to join the hipster population for this adults-only excursion. The Sunday Funday Like a Local food tour is a great date activity and perfect for a girls’ day out. While walking through Williamsburg, you gasp at the stunning views of Manhattan and street art, in between sampling beer, wine, hot sauces, chocolate, and ice cream. For sustenance, you munch on a BBQ sandwich. Yes, the tour is only on Sundays, so you planned ahead for a full day of activities. Now you can stroll down Brewer’s Row with an expert guide, stress free.

Chinatown and Little Italy Food Fest

Chinese and Italian foods are quite different, but since Chinatown and Little Italy are next to each other, that makes them a great pairing for a food tour. On this tour, by Ahoy NY Tours and Tasting, you amble to six of the best restaurants in NYC for samples, while learning about local family businesses that have stayed open for more than 100 years. You bring your friends along, as you all look forward to tasting homemade mozzarella and prosciutto, Italian olives and cheeses, as well as dim sum. Thankfully, you remember to save room, as there’s no way you can choose between Chinese pastries and cannoli.

Korean Barbecue

Want to tour a cuisine while physically discovering what makes it special? Korean barbecue isn’t as well known as the American backyard variety. To learn more about this cuisine all in one spot, you take a lesson through Baekjeong NYC in midtown Manhattan. Executive Chef Deuki Hong and Food Republic’s contributing editor Matt Rodbard tempt your tongue with their barbecue, while teaching you all about Korean tabletop grilling. For an experience you won’t soon forget, you wash the stream of meat dishes down with Korean soju and a side of kimchi, perfectly capping off the end of your sit-down tour of Korean barbecue.

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