Your kids want to run wild. You want to make sure they’re in a secure, educational environment. At Brooklyn’s Pier 6, everybody wins. This newly-built recreation area on the edge of the East River has a modern, beautifully-designed playground that’s as safe as it is exciting, ensuring that the kids have the time of their lives while you have the peace of mind of knowing they’re okay. Watch them grin from ear to ear as they take on Slide Mountain, with tall, shiny slides that shoot them down their own personal Everest. Hear them laugh as they climb the Tarzan ropes of Swing Valley, living out their jungle adventure fantasies. And on hot days, see them get soaked at the Water Lab, which features water jets and a channel where they can learn how to dam and redirect a stream. Your littlest ones will squeal when they see Sandbox Village, with its concrete turtles and kid-powered diggers, while older kids and adults can enjoy a game of beach volleyball on one of three regulation-sized sand courts. Be sure to bring snacks, sunscreen, and a camera, not just because you all look so great in shorts, but because the park features a beautiful view of Lower Manhattan that makes a great backdrop for your family photo.

Pier Six Playgrounds

Atlantic Ave. and Furman St., Brooklyn, NY 11201 NY

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