The United Nations: An International Family Adventure


Your kids may be too young for globe-circling, but they can find the whole world in one place in New York City. For your next family outing, head to the headquarters of the United Nations, where you can catch a backstage tour of the planet’s leadership at work. There are many ways to check out the building, but if your kids are five and older you’ll target the special weekly children’s tour. The material is carefully tailored for kids’ interests and attention spans. UN Compass packets, loaded up with puzzles and quizzes, provide a fun way of learning about the UN’s missions. The tour guides come from around the world, and they’re pros at bringing children’s stories to life. They’ll draw out your kid’s thoughts, especially when it comes to the role-playing in a UN peacekeeping simulation. Another big thrill will be the art, especially the Escopetarra, a gun converted to a guitar as a symbol of peace. The stickers and postcards in the Compass packets make great souvenirs, although you’ll also find the gift shop stocked with mementoes gathered from around the world. The UN has its own postal service and you can take a family photo and put it on a real UN stamp. Grandparents just might appreciate a glimpse of your global family adventure.

United Nations

New York NY 10017

(212) 963-8687

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