When your kids have earned a family fun day, surprise them with a visit to chocolate paradise Max Brenner. The café’s central location near Union Square is a lot more convenient than tracking down Willy Wonka’s factory. It’s a feast for the senses, beginning with the sense of smell, as the sweet aroma of chocolate fills the room, exciting the kids for what’s in store. Their eyes will pop when they see the menu and its chocolate crepes, chocolate bagels, and even chocolate pizzas. And where else can they order a chocolate syringe from a secret chocolate menu? Watch the smiles grow as a warm mud cake arrives, complete with its own chocolate swimming pool and whipped cream mountains. Or maybe you’re ready for some family quality time, with everyone pitching in to dip bananas and strawberries into a decadent pot of fondue. You’ll also find a full menu for mom and dad, with White Russians and Chocolate Martinis. They’ve earned a treat, too

Max Brenner

841 Broadway 10003

(212) 388-0030

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