Swing, Batta Batta! The Ultimate Yankees Game-Day Experience


You may think it’s hard to top seeing baseball’s most successful franchise play ball at one of the best stadiums in the country. But in the same way a slow inning can call for another round of peanuts and hot dogs, sometimes you just have to kick the Yankees game-day experience into high gear. Bringing your fam out to the ball game is the perfect way to spend a spare New York evening. But when you combine that with a pre-game reception, now you’re talking memories that’ll last way after the crack of the bat.

Your kids are ridiculously tired of hearing about your youthful glory days on the mound (which may or may not have happened). Instead, show up at the stadium in the afternoon for pre-game batting practice in the fading summer sun, and chat it up with some Yankee alumni—the guys who have some real baseball yarns to spin. Stick around for a photo and some autographs, plus a stellar catered buffet with a beer and wine selection. It’s one thing to watch the game—it’s another entirely to hobnob with the guys who lived it.

From there, you do in fact have a game to catch. But you won’t have to go far to find your amazing spot in the Batter’s Eye Cafe, right over center field and above Monument Park for the perfect view of the whole field. Don’t jinx it by making promises, but you have this feeling, this funny feeling that this game will be the game where you finally catch a home run ball. Then your kids will see you for the hero you truly are. Hurry back from the Yankees Team Store to suit up all your tinier Yankees fans with jerseys just in time for that first pitch. And even if you don’t leave the evening with a dose of glory, you’ll still have spent some unforgettable family time at the top of the stadium—and the world.

Yankee Stadium

1 East 161st Street Bronx NY 10451

(718) 293-4300

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