In a world obsessed with technology, it’s increasingly rare for kids to experience toys that don’t require batteries or play games that don’t have a screen, which makes stores like Dinosaur Hill so important. For your next family outing, grab the kids and head to this whimsical East Village boutique, where you won’t find video games or noisy electronics, but you will find plenty of hand-crafted and unique toys to ignite your youngsters’ imaginations. Get ready for squeals of delight as soon as you enter, as colorful marionettes, books, and puzzles line the shelves. Let the kids explore until they find a toy that they absolutely love. Your amateur astronomer might want a telescope for scanning the stars at night. An aspiring playwright may appreciate a set of finger puppets to put on a miniature theatrical production. There’s even a glockenspiel for your budding composer. No matter what you end up with, you’ll delight in watching your kids interact with their new treasures, enjoying the same simple pleasures that kids have experienced for generations.

Dinosaur Hill

306 E. 9th St., New York, NY 10003 NY

(212) 473-5850

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