MakerBot Store: Print Out Some Fun


Can you imagine a machine that makes whatever your heart desires? No longer a dream from a Utopian future, 3-D printers are real, and they’re amazing. Best of all, they’re not all hidden behind closed doors in some laboratory, accessible only to white-coated researchers. They’re everywhere–you can even buy one for yourself–so if you’re curious as to what the bleeding edge of technology looks like, bring the kids to the MakerBot Store in Soho and let your imaginations run wild. The enthusiastic staff will explain how 3-D printers–they call theirs “Replicators,” which sounds even more sci-fi–work, providing plenty of demonstrations to show you just how easy it is to create, well, anything. If you decide that the world of 3-D printing is for you, pick up a small unit (the Replicator Mini won’t take up much room on your kitchen counter) and let the kids select filaments in a variety of colors to work with later, when it’s time to play mad scientist. Once you’re home, you can all take turns printing out toy cars, dinosaurs, monsters, flowers, tools, and anything you can think of. But before you leave the store, make sure to get your picture taken in the photo booth. You’ll have a three-dimensional portrait to take home, a perfect keepsake to remember an enlightening day.

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MakerBot Store

298 Mulberry St New York NY 10012

(347) 457-5758

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