For your next family outing in New York City, take your kids to a life-sized time capsule. You may even catch sight of a ghost along the way. One step into the Merchant’s House Museum in the East Village and you’ll be immersed in a distant era. You’ll be amazed at the condition of the interior, perfectly preserved as if the merchant family that lived here was about to run through the parlors. The last surviving daughter holed herself up here alone, keeping everything just the way her father liked it, even though he’d been dead for decades. You’ll be thrilled helping history come alive for your kids, as they tour through plush Greek Revival interiors and a lush back garden. Little ones will get a feel for whole other ways of living as they check out the rustic kitchen and cramped servants’ quarters. Come on a day with a special children’s tour and you’ll learn about the chores, games, and schoolwork that made up young lives here. Kids will be impressed to discover that the furnishings here are all the actual ones the family used, kept up as if they were brand new. The last daughter, Gertrude Tredwell, was born and died in the same bed, which you’ll also find here. You may find Gertrude Tredwell, as well—many visitors have seen her ghost playing the piano or gliding along the stairs.

Merchant's House Museum

29 E 4th St New York NY 10003

(212) 777-1089

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