Give My Regards to Broadway: New York Has a Show for Every Visitor


Whether it’s fringe, off-Broadway, or Broadway, New York knows theater. Have visions of big Broadway production numbers inspired you to take a trip to the Great White Way? If you want to see a show on Broadway, New York City is the place to be. The thrill of the theater never goes away, even for locals, and the good news for theater fans is that there’s a performance for everyone. Whether you’re coming in with the kids, you’re on a romantic weekend or a girls’ getaway, or you have an evening free during a business trip, there’s a Broadway show that’s bound to thrill you.

For the Family

You might not think that the premise of On the Town sounds family friendly. It’s about three sailors hoping to get lucky during their one day shore leave. In spite of what normally would be an off-topic subject for kids, you won’t need to cover their eyes or do any extra explaining. It’s the colorful sets and lively, high-energy dancing of this classic revival that will hold their attention, with enough subtle nods to the adults in the audience that go right over your kids’ heads. The show is set in New York City, so it’s kind of like getting in some extra Big Apple sightseeing. Pay onstage visits to Times Square, Coney Island, the subway, the American Museum of Natural History, and Carnegie Hall, as the characters spend the day and night exploring the city. With choreographer Joshua Bergasse (of Smash fame) at the helm and a New York City Ballet principal dancer as the leading lady, you can expect something special. Keep one eye on the magic on the stage and the other on your kids’ faces as they marvel at the amazing choreography. Between the vibrant texture the richly colored lighting brings to the show and Leonard Bernstein’s timeless music coming from the 28-member orchestra, On the Town is like nothing else on Broadway.

For the Broadway Vet

When did musicals get invented and what did they have to do with the Bard? Something Rotten!—set in Shakespearean times, but without those pesky British accents—spans the history of musical theater from the 1500s to present. You’ll be laughing out loud as rivals to the acclaimed Shakespeare (more of an Elvis figure) try to outwit him to discover the next big thing in theater. A visit to a partially competent soothsayer, for example, results in a vision of Omelette the Musical, a near miss from predicting Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Whether that show is a hit, you’ll have to see for yourself. The theater references flow for those in the know, but everyone will enjoy the story and big production numbers.

For the History Buff

At first glance, a musical based on the life and times of Alexander Hamilton doesn’t sound too exciting. But this man was our nation’s banking system architect, who worked with a cast of characters we still know today: George Washington, Aaron Burr, and James Madison, among others. The story of Hamilton is exciting, especially when told with rap numbers and dancing founding fathers. You may go to Broadway to be entertained, but you will also get a history lesson with this show. Tickets to Hamilton are in high demand, so this is one show you will want to book in advance.

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