Dough: Glazy Sunday


Sunday morning. Dawn slips in through the crack beneath your shade. Only that’s not what wakes you up: It’s the little fingers of your kids, prodding you awake. Looks like your days of sleeping in are a ways off, so make the most of your perpetual early rise by taking the kids to Dough. Now open in Flatiron on West 19th Street, the city’s doughnut holy grail makes any rude awakening a whole lot sweeter.

Dough fans know the original Bed-Stuy shop well. The only critical thing to be said about it is the hike to get there — and the line that quickly overtakes the whole place. After suiting up and heading to the new Manhattan digs, you hold open the door as your little ones sprint inside. It’s way more spacious than the BK original. The kids head to the familiar glass pastry case up front. Row after row of round confections glisten, glazed and untouched. They’re almost like an art display, enhanced the smell of fresh yeast and the warmth of hot oil in the air.

Many call chef Fany Gerson’s perfected recipe a work of art, too. Her fluffy and raised yeast doughnuts have the light freshness that comes only from frying mere hours before tasting. First-timers may want to stick with the dulce de leche – somewhat of a Dough rock star. Its creamy, tan glaze is topped with toasted almonds that add a small crunch to each bite. Among the half-dozen you build for your mini army, throw in an exotic treat: The hibiscus doughnut, which comes in eye-popping magenta. Once its tangy and floral glaze hits your tongue, you’ll know why Dough calls it their “most unique creation.”

You settle in at the long wooden table with a huge cup of coffee, and everybody digs in. Each bite works itself into an addictive, doughy chew. Your youngest quickly makes a mess of that hibiscus – pink all over. After downing a sugary sensation (okay, two), your energy is now at kid-level. Well, pretty close, anyway. You hold your own as everyone races to the Madison Square Park swings, and whatever other lazy adventures the day holds.

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14 West 19th Street New York NY 10011

(212) 243-6844

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