Brooklyn Superhero Supply: For All Your Crime-Fighting Needs


Are your kids getting ready to face down their archenemy? Better take them to Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co., the city’s finest purveyor of high-quality crime-fighting equipment. At this one-of-a-kind shop in Park Slope, you can help your little ones stock up on superhero essentials like capes, sonic blasters, truth serum, and the ever-important invisibility paint. And don’t forget the proper hardware to carry antimatter — that stuff can be tricky to transport.

Since nothing says hero like a quality cape, start by letting your little crusaders try on one of the shop’s standard fly-wear capes–a staple for superheroes for two centuries–or suggest a lamé cape, which offers both comfort and panache. Then turn them loose to paw through shelves of equipment ranging from particle guns and photon shooters to thunder inducers–particularly helpful for demonstrating your powers over nature to the skeptical. Add a cybernetic dog and a pot of omnipotence (yes, they really sell these things) and your kids will be ready for the ultimate showdown. Don’t forget to grab some swag for yourself — after all, superheroes come in all sizes, and you can always play the villain in their games.

Fittingly, the store itself has a secret identity, which you’ll find down an aisle and behind a trick bookshelf. It is, in fact, the headquarters of 826NYC, a respected nonprofit that helps kids ages 6 to 18 express themselves creatively through writing workshops and one-on-one tutoring. Peer through the window on any given afternoon and you’ll see youngsters scribbling away at their desks, penning a personal essay or perhaps the next great fantasy novel.

To pull off this dastardly — well maybe not dastardly, but certainly costly — plan, the 826NYC superheroes needed a cover story. Emulating its predecessor in San Francisco that uses a pirate store as a front for its educational operations, the New York version decided to get into the superhero business. All the superhero supplies are made in-house by its staff of volunteers and kept to an affordable cost of under $45. And while they can’t guarantee that the invisibility paint and related super-materials will actually work for you, they’ll stimulate your kids’ imaginations, and there’s nothing more heroic than that.

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The Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co.

372 5th Ave NY 11215

(718) 499-9884

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