5 Fast Facts for Your One World Trade Center Visit


One World Trade Center first opened its doors in November 2014 (with the observatory opening to the public the following May), and it’s no secret what a beaut it is. But what you might not know are all of these super-cool facts about this super-tall ‘scraper. When visiting, use the time you saved on the zippy 47-second elevator ride up 102 floors to drink in the views of America’s favorite city. Consider heading up on a weekday to beat the crowds. But before you rise up, take a peek at these fascinating facts about the world’s new favorite building.

One World Trade Center is the tallest skyscraper in the Western Hemisphere and the fourth-tallest in the world, clocking in at 1,776 feet. That patriotic height was an intentional reference to the US Declaration of Independence. Spire and all, we’re talking some serious altitude here. It just goes to show that New Yorkers have never been known to go halfway on anything.

Near the center of the building, the structure forms a perfect octagon. You only align with it for a fraction of a second, though, as you zip by. When you do reach the top, know you’re standing in a square oriented 45 degrees from the tower’s base—the turn that gives the building its groovy design.

The view from the top of the tower extends as far as 50 miles past the Manhattan skyline. It’s certainly far enough to take your breath away. Bring a comfy confidant with an arm to cling onto, and see how far you can gaze out over the shining sea. That’s quite a ways past old Lady Liberty—more accurately, it’s the distance to Princeton, New Jersey. What can you spy with your little eye?

It’s gone green. Several efforts have been made to keep One World Trade Center an eco-friend of the city. Impress your party by explaining how the building’s cooling system runs on reclaimed rain water or that the waste system also helps generate electricity.

Yes, you can rent out event space on the 102nd floor. Up to 300 of your buds can get a sky-high party started at One World Observatory. 360 degrees of floor-to-ceiling views mean you have the best seat in the house when the city blinks to life as day turns to night. It’s definitely the only rooftop party that looks down on literally every other rooftop party in the city.

One World Trade Center

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