Prohibition: Celebrate the 21st Amendment in Style


Admit it. You and your law-abiding love are totally tickled by the fact that there’s a new bar in town named after the 18th Amendment but celebrating, legally, of course, the 21st. Translation: Prohibition is Miami’s latest contribution to the cocktail scene, paying homage to the days when imbibing was less than legal but absolutely, totally going on behind closed doors in backroom bars all over the country.

Naturally, the scenesters are calling this Midtown joint a speakeasy, but as far as you and yours are concerned, it’s another cool date night bar with deelish cocktails and servers dressed in Newsies caps.  And though the place looks more like a modern day swank supper club with brick walls and polished wood floors, the Prohibition vibe is alive and well in the form of an unimpeachable list of classic cocktails–martini, sazerac, manhattan, sidecar, Tom Collins, and, since it’s Miami after all, an out of place raspberry mojito for those who insist.

Stop wondering what they ate during the Prohibiton era–the menu here is thoroughly modern, Millie, from hamachi crudo and truffle lobster mac and cheese, to Wagyu skirt steak and lobster ravioli. A menu, you think, that could have been made for the likes of the Prohibition-era high rollers, perhaps, the OGs of the old school of swilling. Should you desire a beer, those are served in brown paper bags, refuting any previous notions of swankiness. But it’s all in the name of imbibing and irony, neither of which is prohibited here, but, rather, served out in the open and with pride.

Photo by rick

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3404 N Miami Ave Miami FL 33127

(305) 438-9199

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