Mignonette: Date Night on the Half Shell


You’re looking for a new restaurant that’s edgy, sexy, sarcastic, and has a bit of history, but one that you dare not call a hipster hangout. One where ironic facial hair isn’t so ironic. But also one that’s like a Choose Your Own Adventure book, where you can either choose the path of laid-back dining or channel your inner baller at a Monday through Friday champagne-and-caviar happy hour. It’s up to you at the spanking new Mignonette, the product of a bromance between Blue Collar chef/owner Daniel Serfer and Miami Restaurant Power Rankings blogger Ryan Roman. Located in Miami’s Edgewater neighborhood, Mignonette–which is named after the tangy sauce that’s served with raw oysters–brings a bit of the briny, bluesy side of the Big Easy to a former gas station in urban Miami with a menu of bicoastal bivalves as well as classic sea fare.

It’s a primo date night spot, not only for its cool, glassy decor and floating ceiling sculptures, but for the all-but-endless seafood choices on the menu to consider. For starters, you’ll find old school big-night-out favorites like clams casino and shrimp cocktail alongside fun modern bites like popcorn-style clams, conch, oysters or shrimp. And when it comes to fish, you have two main categories to choose from, “plain” and “fancy.” With the former, you simply choose your fish–mahi, grouper, snapper, and swordfish–and it arrives steaming hot with beurre blanc and veggies. The fancy column features the more stylized preparations of the talented kitchen, like monk fish served with brocollini, smoked trout roe, and lobster sauce. Either way, it’s fish at its finest.

Taking after its older sibling Blue Collar, the menu also features an impressive slew of veggies and sides, including roasted cauliflower with smoked trout roe mayo. Yum. And then there’s the prime rib, something you don’t often see at these dewy dining spots anymore. The wine and beer lists rise to the level of the cuisine, curated by an advanced sommelier and a certified cicerone, and because this is not a hipster hangout, we’ll tell you that a cicerone is the brewsky equivalent of sommelier. Pretty cool, no?

Even cooler is the restaurant’s soundtrack, a playlist that will run the gamut from old school Miami freestyle to whatever Sweat Records’ supersonic savant Lolo Reskin chooses to play, because she’s in charge. Imagine a gastronomical, oysteriffic Miami house party that’s a cross between a Judd Apatow movie and a mashup of Bourdain and Zimmern on one big, bromantic Big Easy bender and you’ve got Mignonette. So yeah, we think you’ll like it.

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210 NE 18th St Miami FL 33132

(305) 374-4635

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