Enjoy Cool Jazz on Hot Nights at the Bass Museum of Art


After last week’s disastrous first date with the one you met on a certain unnamed website, you’re hesitant to go on another this week. But that “good one” you actually met in the flesh could be promising, so give love every chance to take root with a visit to Hot Nights, Cool Jazz at the Bass Museum of Art. There, you’re guaranteed to be surrounded by something you are attracted to, be it your date (hopefully), the art (probably), or the jazz (definitely).  As for the latter, some of So Flo’s best contemporary musicians play here, so the quality of the tunes is always sky-high, making for a perfect date night spot.

Among the featured artists is the Peter Wallace Quintet, which has performed with everyone from Jon Secada to Pink, featuring the finely tuned sounds of sax, trumpet, piano, bass and drums; and the Fernando Ulibarri Quartet, featuring guitar, piano/keyboards, bass and drums. This cool jazz gets kicked up a few notches thanks, in part, to the complimentary wine being poured, as well as the classy, well-dressed crowd (who else would party in an art museum?). The two-hour, every-other-Friday event is a swell place to get to know someone’s likes and dislikes unlike, say, a movie or a throbbing, deafening nightclub, plus you can always use the art as a distraction should things get awkward.

About that art, it includes an A-list of arteests including Peter Paul Rubens, Gerard Seghers, Ferdinand Bol, Sandro Botticelli and, well, we could go on, but nobody likes a name dropper. A real conversation piece as panacea for the possibility of complete silence is undoubtedly the museum’s bona fide Egyptian mummy. Should you make the ghastly discovery that your date has a mommy complex, just run for the mummy. The vibe at this jazzy joint, however, is chill enough to freeze that awkwardness if it exists, and hot enough to make for a sizzling date if things finally work out this time.

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Bass Museum of Art

2100 Collins Avenue Miami Beach FL 33139

(305) 673-7530

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