You’re nervous. It’s your first date with that special someone and you want to make a good impression. Here’s a suggestion: Go where the meals are a conversation starter in and of themselves. Everything at Barton G in South Beach comes with a theatrical bent. Order the tuna, and it comes served with a samurai sword. The steaks come on giant-sized plates. And as if the lobster pop-tarts weren’t unique enough, prepare to hear the gasps of surprise when they come to your table served in an actual toaster. And please don’t yell “Fire!” if you see smoke coming from a neighboring table. It’s just a vodka martini frozen with liquid nitrogen—one of the house specialties. It may seem like this restaurant was dropped into the middle of a circus, so why not share some cotton candy for dessert. If your date likes the creatively delicious touches of this whimsical eatery as much as you do, a second date might as well be a foregone conclusion.

Barton G. The Restaurant

1427 West Avenue,, Miami Beach FL 33139

(305) 672-8881

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