The Best Shopping in Wynwood: 5 Hot New Boutiques


The best shopping in Wynwood is all within the span of a few blocks for the ultimate day out. This ultra-hip neighborhood, known as the Museum of the Streets for its open-air murals everywhere, runs mainly down NW 2nd Avenue from 20th to 29th Streets and is absolutely booming. It seems like another unique boutique opens up there every day. Check out these on-trend spots for a stylish, bohemian look that’s all Miami.

MVM Miami

Nestled just to the east of NW 2nd, MVM Miami is the domain of Melissa Mosheim and her little white dog, Oliver. The shop is new, but quickly earning a reputation for some of the best shopping in Wynwood for its upscale selection of separates, jumpsuits, dresses, and accessories. Melissa often keeps a little wine on hand for when you want to browse the afternoon away, too.

The Bodhi Tree House

A welcome oasis of calm amid the bustle of Wynwood, The Bodhi Tree House is a unique boutique even for this creative neighborhood. Spare and soothing, the shop sells a range of spiritually inspired accessories and lifestyle goods, like crystals or delicate jewelry. A cafe invites you toward the back, but the finishing touches here are the tipis in which you can relax before hitting the streets again.

Basico Wynwood

The men get in on the action in Wynwood too, at Basico. A narrow boutique that’s comfortably jammed with selections, Basico has everything for the fashionable gentleman. Contemporary Florida-inspired prints and rugged footwear will have the guys looking at home in Wynwood.

Wynwood Letterpress

In a district full of cutting-edge art—spray paint reigns here—there’s still room for traditional craft. Wynwood Letterpress is making a name for itself as part of the best shopping in Wynwood with its charming stationery workshop. Within its walls, paper takes priority. Notecards, business cards, announcements, and more are custom ordered or designed by the local shop artisans. It’s a touch of class in a place known for its edge. You can even take workshops on classic skills like calligraphy.

Foldway Bike Studio

Foldway Bike Studio is where Wynwood shows its serious progressiveness. A medium-sized boutique, it looks spacious because of its incredible design philosophy. The clever lightweight bicycles sold here fold up to a fraction of their size and then unfold for high-performance riding. Perfect for the urbanite who pedals to work or just loves to join any of the city’s bike events, these bicycles are just flat-out cool. Local artists also sell super-creative, drawn maps of Wynwood’s murals and other Miami landmarks for DIY bike tours. Of course, with this many shopping options so close by, you could always just ride around from boutique to boutique too.

  • The Bodhi Tree House

    2200 NW 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33127

    (786) 703-2790

  • Basico Wynwood

    2347 NW 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33127

    (786) 360-3688

  • Wynwood Letterpress

    2621 NW 2nd Ave #21, Miami, FL 33127

    (305) 747-7559

  • Foldway Bike Studio

    188 NW 27th St, Miami, FL 33127

    (786) 499-0537

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