Tea Salons and Coffee Shops in Miami: Sip, Relax, Repeat


Coffee shops in Miami—whether they serve Cuban cortaditos or bracing iced espresso—are a way of life. Yes, there’s java galore in the Magic City, but what if you’re in search of afternoon tea ideas instead? Luckily, you can find both charming cafes for your coffee fix and new emporiums dedicated to the art of brewing that perfect pot of tea. Here are five intriguing coffee shops in Miami that capture the spirit and flavors of South Florida with a dash of tropical chic.


First, you’ll want to try Segafredo on Lincoln Road in South Beach, where the cool crowd sips away by a fountain and watches the entertaining sea of humanity float by. Not only are you mesmerized by the parade of visitors and locals sauntering past—it’s some of the best people-watching on the planet—you also discover drinks like the Marocchino, a tempting concoction of espresso, Nutella, and milk froth; or espresso con panna. You order the divinely adult concoction Caffe Shakerato: Coffee with ice and sugar, shaken with a yummy liqueur. Then you happily settle back in a chair to absorb the sights and sounds of Lincoln Road.

Panther Coffee

Local favorite Panther Coffee is known in the Wynwood Arts District for its artisanal coffee and small-batch roasted beans, but now, one of the most popular coffee shops in Miami can boast other outposts, including a cafe in Coconut Grove. Here, amid the minimalist furnishings, you carefully consider the brewing methods and beans on offer, and then choose to get your beverage made in a French press. After the barista grinds the beans and the coffee brews thoroughly in the French press, you take that first sip. “Rich” and “intense” are the first words that will come to mind.

Small Tea

Despite your love of coffee, your new obsession is tea. You’re on the hunt for afternoon tea ideas and suddenly, Miami seems to be an ideal place to indulge your newfound passion. As you enter Small Tea in Coral Gables, you see that customers can smell over 80 different types of tea at the “Scent Station” before making their selection. You and a friend agree: the Zen vibe of this modern space beautifully complements the delicate flavors of their “Aplomb,” an Ayurvedic blend with cinnamon, cardamom, and licorice root, designed to bring a sense of balance and serenity.

specialTEA Lounge & Cafe

Another addition to Miami’s caffeine scene is specialTEA Lounge & Cafe, where loose teas, tisanes, and boba teas are on offer, along with delicious pastries and sandwiches. These organic teas can be ordered brewed for two, iced, or even served as an Arnold Palmer (half tea and half lemonade). In the mood for something slightly exotic, you order the London Fog, a drink crafted with Earl Grey, Madagascar vanilla, and milk. The verdict? A very appealing discovery.

Madi’s Tea Garden

You and your friends want to get together at a cozy spot, and converge on Madi’s Tea Garden, a charming, shabby-chic tea salon that accepts reservations. You sip on a cup of pleasant English Breakfast with just the right amount of milk and sugar, while your friends enjoy the Buckingham Palace Garden Party blend. Small finger sandwiches are tasty and just the right size. Biting into a scone amply laced with decadent Devonshire cream reminds you of an afternoon tea in London. You all decide that taking an afternoon break like this needs to become a regular ritual, whether it’s at a tea salon or at one of the welcoming coffee shops in Miami. There’s nothing like meeting up with friends for a rejuvenating, relaxing afternoon of coffee, tea, and great conversation.

  • Panther Coffee

    3407 Main Highway, Miami, FL 33133


  • Small Tea

    205 Aragon Avenue, Coral Gables, FL 33134


  • specialTEA Tea Lounge and Cafe

    10766 SW 24th Street, Miami, FL, 33165


  • Madi's Tea Garden

    4009 SW 152 Ave, Miami, FL 33185


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