For your next night out with friends in Miami, play a little prank. Tell them that you’re taking them to one of the best tapas restaurants in town. Praise its amazing selection of wines from around the world. Most importantly, lay it on thick about how charming the atmosphere is, from the woody aroma in the dining room to the beautiful murals decorating the walls. By the time dinner rolls around, they’ll hardly able to contain their excitement. So when you pull up in front of a gas station and announce “we’re here!” there will be more than a few quizzical looks from your friends as they envision a meal of beef jerky and potato chips. Don’t crack yet. Keep the ruse going as you confidently stride into the station’s “LA Food Store and Deli” and lead them to the back of the shop. Now watch their faces closely, because this is the magical moment when they realize that not only does El Carajo exist, it’s even more beautiful than you described it. Once seated at your table with a bottle of Malbec before you, your friends will raise their glasses in a toast to you and your clever little trick. After all, there’s no harm done, and everyone’s rewarded with an excellent meal. What’s better than that?

El Carajo

2465 SW 17th Ave Miami FL 33145

(305) 856-2424

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