Gourmet sushi at a bowling alley? It may sound like an oxymoron, but over at Splitsville, haute cuisine and bowling fit together perfectly. Forget the notion of stinky shoes and matching team t-shirts, this bowling alley is known for its upscale food, fancy cocktails, and chic décor. On weekdays you can take your chances that a lane will be open, but on weekends smart bowlers call ahead for reservations. That way you and a group of friends will be able to stroll right into a spacious booth in front of your private lane, order a round of rumrunners and hurricanes in generous 18-ounce schooners, and start plugging in funny nicknames on the easy-to-use electronic scoreboard.

Now you’re ready to bowl, so impress your friends with your best Lebowski impression and throw a perfect strike. The satisfaction you’ll feel when you annihilate ten pins at once will inevitably cause you to do a few fist pumps, especially if you’ve been finding nothing but gutter all night. Around the seventh frame, you’ll start to feel hungry, so order some of that raved-about sushi—a ninja roll seems appropriate for your talents—and enjoy the benefits of one of Miami’s most upscale bowling lounges. Now if only you could learn to hit that 7-10 split …


5701 Sunset Dr Miami FL 33143

(305) 665-5263

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