Spotlight on French Food: Miami Cuisine at Its Best


Miami is a culinary melting pot, which means that no matter your preference, you can always find a variety of options to sate your appetite. Because of the city’s Latin influences, it’s easy to forget about the other cuisines, but French food is just as represented as some other choices. If you’re craving authentic French food, Miami has your passport to authentic fare with atmosphere. Bon appetit!

Frenchie’s Diner

For a quick French getaway during your lunch break, look no further than Frenchie’s Diner in Coral Gables. You grab a table at this quaint little hole in the wall and have a look at the chalkboard menu once it lands on your table. You do your best to correctly pronounce your the name of your dish, and then sip on a French beer while you wait to be amazed. The menu features classic French dishes—such as succulent moules frites and their bechamel-slathered Croque Monsieur—that prove that when it comes to French food, Miami takes the crème brûlée.

Le Bouchon u Grove

A glass of Champagne and a menu full of all your French favorites await at your table at Le Bouchon du Grove. You grab a cozy spot by a gingham-curtained window and enjoy a great view of the village of Coconut Grove. You let the homey aroma of garlic parsley sauce inspire you, and order some escargots to accompany the afternoon’s people watching. You inquire about the Dessert du Jour, but it doesn’t matter what your garçon says because you know you’ll order it. You hope for the chocolate mousse, and you are in luck as you see the plate of sweet chocolate deliciousness make its way to your table.

L’Entrecôte de Paris

An evening in Paris is closer than you think at L’Entrecôte de Paris. Situated in the heart of Brickell, this romantic hideaway offers fine French dining with a European flair. As you enter the restaurant, you feel like you’ve stepped off the streets of Miami and right into the quintessential Parisian bistro. It’s like something out of an old movie. The menu offers plenty of classic, light fare like Quiche Lorraine and Salade Niçoise, but you won’t find an “entrée” section—only an entrecôte section. The restaurant’s namesake—an exemplary cut of meat with a legendary sauce—comes with unlimited fries, and a mixed green salad to keep you healthy. As they say on their menu: “With such a good dish, who needs another?” All’s well that ends well, so you finish off your meal with the sweet-peppercorn macarons and a digestif, before taking the short trip back from Paris to Miami.

Frenchie's Diner

2618 Galiano Street Coral Gables FL 33134

(305) 442-4554

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