Of all the fusion cuisines out there, Dutch-Indonesian might have the longest history, as the two countries have been intertwined since the Dutch East India Company first began operations in Indonesia in 1603. Fortunately for Miami diners, the cultures are together once again, mixing and mingling in delicious ways at Indomania, one of the city’s most inventive restaurants. If this sounds like your scene, grab your friends for a culinary adventure that spans two continents and 17,000 islands. Wake up your senses with an appetizer of martabak, crispy dough filled with ground lamb. Then embrace the hard-to-pronounce house specialty, rijsttafel (rice table), a tender mix of rice and any number of accompanying dishes, from chicken in coconut curry to stir-fried mixed vegetables and marinated tofu. Try not to dig in all at once, you’ll want to snap a picture of the dozen or so bowls filled with colorful foods scattered across the table. All bets are off after that, as you and your friends playfully jostle each other for the best bites, swapping favorites here and there in a mini spice trade of your own.


131 26th St. Miami Beach FL 33140

(305) 535-6332

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