Solo Cup Sundays at The Federal Food, Drink & Provisions


Even though summer doesn’t feel quite like it did when you had no responsibilities other than swatting mosquitoes and behaving in camp, you still deserve that summery, campy feeling at least one night a week. So, instead of lamenting that it’s a school night and you have to be at work on Monday, grab your gang and head to The Federal Food, Drink & Provisions for its carefree Solo Cup Sundays party, where Toby Keith’s kitschy, catchy anthem to what’s good about plastic cups is an inspiration if not a directive. Let’s have a party, Keith implores, and you and your friends listen because, well, you deserve it.

Starting at 6 p.m., Solo Cup Sundays welcomes you with punch bowls of enchanting elixirs, including white peach sangria, a passion fruit and chili “margarita,” and cucumber watermelon punch–all so inviting you may want to toss that cup and dive in head first. But you, a grown-up now with no distinction between summer and any of the seasons because of your nine-to-five grind and assorted adult obligations, will refrain from doing that and, instead, plunge into some of The Fed’s best barbecue offerings.

Here’s the rub — literally: St. Louis-style pork ribs, dry rubbed with pickled peaches; Hawaiian duck leg in a Coca-Cola hoisin glaze with scallions and sesame seeds; charred octopus with jalapeno sweet chili, pickled celery, dried olives and herbs; and a smoked short rib, served bone-in with espresso barbecue sauce. While the foodstuffs are a la carte and will set you back anywhere from $8 to $18, the stuff you put into your cups, be it the punch, PBR or, to rehydrate, bottled water, is $20 — bottomless. But this isn’t the summer of ’89 or even ’99. You guys have work tomorrow, so, eh, never mind. Let’s have a party.

Photo by Arvind Grover

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The Federal Food, Drink & Provisions

5132 Biscayne Blvd Miami FL 33137

(305) 758-9559

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