Places to Go in Miami: The City’s Most Instagrammable Spots


There are so many things to do and places to go in Miami, and there are hashtags to prove it—#miamilife, #miaminights, and #305, to name a few.

From sunrises over the ocean to glittering city skyline views, you see some gorgeous scenery here. Get snaps of Miami hot spots from these five can’t-miss destinations (and, yes, one of them is way high in the sky).

Fifth Avenue NW

One of the coolest places to go in Miami is the Wynwood Walls. The neighborhood is an ever-changing outdoor gallery of murals by local graffiti heads, plus national and international artists. Fifth Avenue isn’t quite the heart of Wynwood—that would be Second Avenue—but serious muralists spray masterpieces on the regular. The district as a whole has been built up to include boutiques, galleries, condos, and bars, but you step over to Fifth, where the fashion wholesalers own the blocks, and an explosion of murals await your latest photography apps.


Thrill seekers need more than just a perfect shot of a city skyline to call it an awesome day. You can cruise high above the city in a helicopter with FlyNYON during a 35-minute ride that will have your followers feeling pure photography envy. State-of-the-art helicopters feature open doors year-round for unobstructed views of a custom flight path through the Magic City. In the air, you snap share-worthy images of gorgeous beaches, waterfront villas, private islands, and city style. This is an unforgettable experience—and you have pictures to prove it!

Miami Beach Lifeguard Stands

The city’s many beaches are dotted with adorable lifeguard stands, and every single one of them is perfect for Instagram. While starchitects bid on condo towers, convention centers, and city skyline icons, you find that the shoreline is brightening with candy-colored lifeguard stands featuring undulating roofs, decorative antennae, wraparound balconies, and more. Nearly all of them were built after the devastation of Hurricane Andrew in 1992, but they look like they came straight out of The Jetsons. Stroll anywhere from South Pointe Park to 85th Street to pick your favorite.

The Everglades

One of the wildest places to go in Miami is actually just a bit outside the city. The Everglades is one serious swamp, but the instantaneous likes on pics of mangroves, saw grass, pinelands, and the likely wild gator (or three) makes it worth the drive. The Shark Valley entrance is closest to Miami and has a cool 15-mile bike trail. Stay alert, though! Most gators are ready to be models, lounging in the sun—but you give them lots of distance. It’s an ideal time to play with your zoom function.


This little train chugs through Brickell for free. You can take the Brickell or Omni loops to see the city at train track level, peering into skyscrapers, craning toward the water, and snapping awesome perspectives on the Magic City. Fun places you start at might be the Riverwalk or Bayfront Stations. When you hop on and hop off, you discover there are plenty of restaurants, bars, and cafes to visit within steps of nearly every station, too.

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