Peruvian Food in Doral: 3 Culinary Adventures


Lunch hour in Doral often involves a mad dash for parking at the nearest chain restaurant in the hopes that you’ll beat that other office group to a choice table. But today, instead of rushing frantically just to end up with another salad or sandwich, pay a visit to one of Doral’s fabulous Peruvian restaurants. With excellent grass-fed beef, ocean-fresh seafood, and exotic spices, Peruvian is an underappreciated gem in Miami’s culinary scene, and it just might become your local favorite. If you don’t just want to beat the lunch rush, but completely crush it, these three spots have your passport to awesome.

Divino Ceviche

Ceviche is not a word to be tossed around lightly in Latin American culture, which is why Divino Ceviche’s name is a confident declaration of its main attraction. Reflected in the bright colors of the décor and the modern art climbing the walls, one bite of the trendy-meets-traditional ceviche con aji amarillo – with fresh cilantro and diced sweet potato – and you’ll know they can back up the claim. Drown out the buzzing lunch crowd and cement your spot as resident food expert by treating the boss to a sophisticated serving of ceviche de conchas negras: a martini glass of fresh clams in lime juice, served up with king-sized grains of Peruvian corn known as choclo. Buy a round of shots of leche de tigre – that potent, lime-based sauce that forms the foundation for all great ceviches and know that you have secured your title.


You may not have a corner office with a view, but a waterside lunch on the cozy wooden patio of TiraDToss, perched in an oasis of overhanging plants, could help you seal the deal that helps you score one. Peruvian food meets Japanese fusion in this modern establishment rooted in traditional techniques. To prove that you’re open-minded, start with the tiradito tricolor: a variation on hamachi sashimi served in three Peruvian pepper sauces. For a bold display of confidence, suggest the pulpo a la parrilla: a grilled octopus entree where East meets West. And when you’re invited up to the top floor for a board meeting, remember: TiraDToss delivers.

El Pollo Inka

A conservative approach in managing your career goals has left you in a role that’s too safe for your liking, so be bold today at lunch with the execs and strongly suggest a trip to El Pollo Inka. This is an intimate local restaurant with understated décor – it saves the panache for its expressive gastronomy. Start with an anticucho (cut stew meats, for those who don’t speak Quechuan) plate of grilled marinated veal hearts drizzled with fiery homemade red pepper sauce. No one will doubt your adventurous nature when you follow with a plate of arroz con mariscos: a Peruvian take on paella, where yellow rice is heaped with shrimp, calamari, mussels, and octopus – a satisfying mountain of fresh seafood and tasty spices. Make a statement with your exquisite choice of dessert, a caramel mousse called suspiro a la Limeña, to leave them with a memorable impression. The end result will be an affirmation that “mild” is not a word to describe Peruvian food – or you.

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