PB Steak: Pubbelly Empire Adds Surf to Its Turf


Pubbelly, Miami Beach’s prime purveyors of pork, have expanded into all sorts of proteins, from surf to turf and everything in between, making it that much easier for you to decide on a restaurant for your next group outing. Seafood fans will appreciate PB Steak‘s new PB Fish menu. It started as a seafood pop-up at PB Steak and became so popular that it’s now permanent, making your pesceterian pals as happy as the rest of your carnivorous crew. Though your surroundings may be more reminiscent of a post industrial hipster beer hall–think exposed beams and Edison bulbs–it’s not about style here. It’s about substance, as evidenced in its impressive dedication to shellfish. The raw bar is there in all its glory, so order a dozen Atlantic oysters and a dozen Pacific oysters and let the Tupac v. Biggie, East Coast v. West Coast oyster debate commence. Of course, the kitchen’s not afraid to add heat when it’s called for, turning out spectacular “we peel u eat shrimp” with barbecue spices and kimchee cocktail sauce and tuna tartare sliders with seaweed, spicy mayo, ginger, and sesame. They even have little neck steamers in white wine–a taste of New England not often seen in these parts. There are lots more fish in this sea, but there’s plenty of steak swimming around as well. Braised short ribs with sofrito, almonds and scallions, or a PB Burger with house-made bacon, gruyere and bordelaise sauce are just two standouts on a menu that doesn’t have a clunker on it. Once you’ve all ordered, and the table is filled with an impressive selection of seafood, meat, and maybe even some tofu, take a look around at all the satisfied smiles among your friends. You’ve clearly done your job, now relax and enjoy the ride.

Photo by Yumi Kimura

PB Steak Restaurant

1787 Purdy Ave Miami Beach FL 33139

(305) 695-9550

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