Hoy Como Ayer: Latin Lovers of Music


As multi-culti as Miami is, it’s easy to get caught up in the city’s mainstream club world, the one whose Top 40 soundtrack is about as edgy as a sphere. While you may not speak Spanish or understand the city’s Latin culture beyond a cafecito, Hoy Como Ayer will school you, if just for one night, in the art of cool Latin. Your crew will be feeling the energy as you get situated in a space reminiscent of a basement in the old ¿Qué Pasa, USA? days. Wood-paneled walls are decked with pictures of music legends Celia Cruz and Benny Moré and retro Cuban ads. This is where Auto-Tune dies and live music thrives. Show off your moves as you dance to Afropop tribal beats, or take in one of Miami’s best Latin fusion jam bands. A night here is like stepping onto the set of a foreign flick with no subtitles, where intoxication comes from the sultry sounds of salsa and the sweet scent of cigars mixed with sweat. Let the crowd impress you, half hipster and half hardcore dance and music fans. Even if Arthur Murray has never tempted you, feel free to mix it up on the dance floor—this is the kind of place where people get possessed by the music. The cocktails are always good here, too, so saddle up to the bar and order yourself a Cuba Libre and marvel in the magic. You’ve just been cultured.

Hoy Como Ayer

2212 SW 8th St Miami FL 33135

(305) 541-2631

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