Miami’s Coolest Imported Goods: Cigars, Bikinis, and More


Miami has been a global destination forever. Since so many cultures influence the area, it’s easy to discover an international vibe in boutiques and specialty markets. Check out some of the coolest places to shop for authentic imported goods, like cigars, bikinis, culinary delights, and more.

Taj by Sabrina

You know the beach here is alive. A turquoise ocean, iconic architecture, daily parties, and beautiful people make Miami Beach a crown jewel. You ease into the style with your own wardrobe of flowing, print caftans, playful jumpers, and shimmering swimsuits. International resort glamour is steps off the sand at Ocean Drive and Seventh Avenue. You can always find chic Brazilian bikinis in Miami, but Taj by Sabrina offers head-to-toe looks that cruise from São Paolo to Miami to St. Barth (where Sabrina’s other boutique is).

Oriental Bakery and Grocery Co

Over in The Roads neighborhood—known for its tree-lined avenue and manicured homes just west of Brickell—is the delectable Oriental Bakery and Grocery Co. With its daily family-prepared lunch and a claim to the best Syrian pita in town, you head to this hidden gem for imported goods in the city’s urban core. The family behind the business is Palestinian, and they make sure every week includes new arrivals of Middle Eastern and Levantine favorites.

Little Havana Cigar Factory

Cuban culture reigns supreme in Miami. You can’t indulge in the island’s ultimate coveted import, the Cuban cigar, but you can find the next best thing at Little Havana Cigar Factory on Calle Ocho. This seminal city corridor is rife with international goodies—everything from beautiful art to Santería icons—but cigars are your must-grab item here. You select from Honduran, Dominican, and other blended cigars, as you kick back in this authentic, welcoming lounge and pretend you’re in Cuba for an afternoon.

Publix Sabor

Everyone in Florida pines for the grocery store Publix. After you venture there, you realize the wide aisles, bright green touches, and especially the sub counter earn the store its near-cult following. Most people don’t even know about Publix Sabor, though. That’s because there are only seven of the stand-alone markets . . . and they’re all in Miami. It’s the same store you fervently love, but chock full of imported goods from Latin America. You head over there for all your grocery needs or when you just want your comfort-food favorites.

Oriental Decor of South Florida

Miami can be a bit hectic, but you know it also has its oases. To create your own, you decorate your space with some Zen-like international flair from Oriental Decor of South Florida. Giant statues of Buddha, cool ceramic garden seats in saturated pastels, and peaceful knickknacks grace your presence as your enter this MiMo shop on Biscayne, at the north end of the city. Boasting museum-quality pieces and a constant influx of carefully selected collector pieces, it’s your place for making sure your home is an amazing melting pot, just like Miami.

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