Miami’s Artopia Event: Music, Murals, & Morsels


Artopia Miami is exactly what it sounds like: a massive gathering of Miami’s best musicians, artists, fashion designers, even culinary masters, all under one roof (plus a breezy outdoor patio). Gather up some friends, dress in something stylishly avant-garde, and prepare to feast your eyes on fascinating art — and make some of your own.

The Coral Gables Museum, with its sun-soaked, Mediterranean Revival facade, will be buzzing with energy on the night of Feb. 26. Strut through the doors and take in the scene of young professionals, gallery-goers, and locals as they mill around the airy halls. Snap a photo at the step and repeat on your way in, then pass through the corridors and pick up a complimentary cocktail at the bar. After sharing a toast with your friends, it’s time to scope out the food.

The local restaurant tables get inundated with gourmet-hungry attendees, so swoop in for a bite as soon as the opportunity presents itself. Each sample is just big enough to eat daintily as you stand and chat, so make your rounds at each chef’s setup for a true sampling of the city’s culinary talents, such as Divino Ceviche‘s spicy Peruvian creations or samples of Los Rancho’s classic beef. Once you’ve had a taste, it’s time to indulge in the audio and visual.

Make your way to the tents to take in a set by DJ Supersede and dance like nobody’s watching – because, chances are, they’re really not. Not that your moves aren’t fantastic, but when the dance floor features performance artists literally spinning on their heads, it’s really tough to compete. When their moves get too intimidating, make your way over to watch street artist Kazilla live-paint a mural. Or circulate through the scene and test your keen eye among the art of local photographers, visual artists, and graphic designers of Artopia.

But, if possible, the best part is yet to come: You have to try the interactive painting station. Grab a seat, pick up a brush, and let the colors speak to you. After all, art is subjective, and its expression is divine. So pluck inspiration from the masters around you and take home a piece of the night. This is a memory you’ll want to hang up and frame.

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Coral Gables Museum

285 Aragon Avenue Coral Gables FL 33134

(305) 603-8067

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