MC Kitchen Miami’s Sunday Brunch: Cheeseburgers Need Not Apply


Although Sunday brunch has been hybridized (see: Saturday brunch) and, some would say exploited (see: the plethora of brunch spots serving cheeseburgers attached to bloody marys) you and your gang of gastronomes are still in the mood for something substantial to accompany your post-Saturday night debriefing. Substantial with a kick, that is, like the kind you’ll get when you sip one of MC Kitchen Miami‘s Bloody Mohawks — Dogfish Head Indian Brown Ale, Hangar 1 Chipotle vodka, veal demi glace, tomato, lemon, and Winter Park black & bleu stuffed queen olives. Cheeseburgers need not apply.

Chef/owner Dena Marino is something of an expert in hearty brunch fare, including steak and eggs fit for a baller. That’s not hyperbole, ballers really do eat here, and Marino–a rabid Miami Heat fan–has cooked for and with some of the biggest playas in town. But about that steak and eggs, it’s a feast, with perfectly-grilled bavette steak, two eggs, a generous handful of mushrooms, peppers, onions, and potatoes in a–wait for it–bone marrow steak sauce. This isn’t your daddy’s grand slam, that’s for sure.

For a less macho meal, consider the Dawson Bay omelet. It’s still plenty fancy, with Chilean smoked salmon, egg white (since you’re healthy like that), asparagus (ditto), capers, chive, and mascarpone. So is the poached eggs Benedetto—elevated with the addition of shaved porchetta and a wild mushroom-spinach Hollandaise.

As you move on to your second Mohawk, you may feel a case of ordering anxiety setting in. Did you get enough? What if there’s something amazing that you’re missing? Prevent this tragedy by ordering the whole grain and oat pancakes for the table. With fruit compote delgiorno, whipped crema, and maple syrup, it won’t last long. While you’re at it, throw in some black truffle bruschetta for an earthiness that’s out of this world.

Though this is Sunday brunch in the sleek and chic Design District, MC Kitchen’s rustic ambiance is less like a sterile minimalistic wake-up call and more like having brunch in your very fashionable friend’s comfy, cozy beach house kitchen. Cozy with a kick, that is.

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MC Kitchen Miami

4141 NE 2nd Ave Miami FL 33137

(305) 456-9948

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