Keep it Healthy at Oolite Restaurant & Bar


You’re trying to eat healthy, but you’re also seriously hungry, so a smoothie just won’t cut it. Where do you go for a satisfying meal that won’t leave you with eater’s remorse? Oolite Restaurant & Bar, a casual, modern restaurant where one of Miami’s most stellar chefs, Kris Wessel, is putting his spin on “the healthy aspects of plant, land, and sea protein.” Huh? According to Wessel, “The flavors of our menu directly echo the regional flavors and local product of the area in the hemisphere to which it is launched: specifically Florida, the Caribbean, South America, and the American south.” That’s certainly a mouthful, but the gist is that Oolite serves delicious healthy foods with almost no processed ingredients, gluten, or saturated fats.

You’re still skeptical, aren’t you? Don’t be. One taste of Wessel’s kale chips & lemon yogurt air (that’s right, air) or curry goat, guava & boniato (that’s a Caribbean sweet potato) and you’ll be a convert. Hope you brought a friend, because once you’ve had that you’ll want to try everything else, from Florida orange allspice-leaf with Brazil nut rotisserie duck to grilled mahi-mahi with fire spice & mango. You’ll eat it, you’ll love it, and you’ll feel good about it too.

But Oolite isn’t only about food. There’s an inviting bar that serves an amazing kombucha and gin mix along with other light and airy cocktails to go with your light and healthy meals. As for the decor, it’s also light and airy (sensing a theme yet?), with rustic details that pay homage to the Oolite Restaurant & Bar’s name–the porous limestone rock on which the entire southern tip of Florida–and Miami Beach in particular–was built.

Photo by okreitz

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Oolite Restaurant & Bar

1661 Pennsylvania Ave Miami Beach FL 33139

(305) 907-5535

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