Miamians as a whole are an excited bunch, but there’s nothing quite like getting juiced up at Cuban landmark El Palacio de los Jugos. Bring a friend or ten and try everything—especially your Spanish. Start with the word auténtico, because that’s what this place is. The ooohs, aaahs, and mmms will need no translation. Begin your exploration of this fun house for food fans at the coconut stand, where you can hydrate with the O.G. of coconut water—yep, actual coconut water. From there, move on to the meatier side of the place where pork isn’t just the other white meat, it’s the meat—fried, sauced, ribbed, riced, as bacon, no matter how your friends like it, they’ll find it here. Be sure to pick up some chicharitas—thinly sliced crispy plantains—topped off with chicharrones, fried pork skins that may leave you thirsty for the sugarcane juice that this place pumps out like, well, water. Now you’ll all settle in under a festive awning. The buzzy scene will have everyone talking, feeling upbeat and well-fed. On the off-chance your crew is still hungry, there are also corn fritters, Cuban sandwiches, fish, flan, sweet toast, candied papaya, milk candy, pumpkin candy, bunuelos, and, well, you get the idea.

El Palacio de los Jugos

2038 NW 27th Ave Miami FL 33142

(305) 636-0832

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