Joey’s Wynwood: Sweet, Hot Pizza


The Great Pizza Debate is one you and your friends have all the time. As with Biggie vs. Tupac, there are strong regional biases, but this is Miami, where pizza tends to be dodgier than the street cred of the latest auto-tuned wannabe. Thank goodness, then, for Joey’s Wynwood, an ideal destination for primo pies on your next friends’ night out. You’ll be feeling stylish when you step into the cozy, industrial-style space. Stride across the concrete floors and get comfortable, letting the scents from the open kitchen waft over to your table. You can keep everybody in your crowd happy with a full menu of pastas, meats, and seafood dishes like an awesome baked cod with eggplant, capers, and olive sauce. But maybe by now the pizza debate has reared up again. Exhibit A for awesomeness is the house’s Sfiziosa, a smart mix of mozz, arugula, fresh pepper, bresaola, and parmigiano. Or throw a ringer into the mix by going sweet and hot with the Dolce e Piccante, which mixes fig, Gorgonzola, honey, and hot peppers, once again showcasing the house’s amazing thin crust. Pies here may not solve the Great Pizza Debate once and for all, but in tandem with the excellent wines and creative cocktails, they’ll make the conversation very, very palatable.

Joey's Wynwood

2506 NW 2nd Ave Miami FL 33127

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