Hot New Miami Bars: Head to the Hotel Lobby


Some of the latest and greatest Miami bars are popping up in hotel lobbies. Three of the newest and hottest, which all opened near the beach this winter, are fairly dripping with style, intrigue, and – of course – delicious drinks. If your usual watering holes are feeling a little stale, try one of these three. They’re bound to perk up your night out.


Located in the lobby of the renovated Circa 39 hotel, WunderBar is a surprisingly lovely place to stop for an au natural afternoon sip. Grab your friends and a stool at the bright and cheery bar that’s overflowing with bowls of colorful Caribbean fruits. Laser in on the “rum in the raw” section of the menu, which offers rum in nature’s drinking vessels (hollowed-out pineapples and coconuts). Best of all is the energizing guarapo cocktail: freshly pressed sugarcane juice in a bamboo cup, served with a lime wedge, a bamboo straw, and a shot of rum on the side. Or share a whimsical afternoon tea, Moroccan-style. You receive a tray with a steaming silver pot of mint green tea spiked with orange blossom honey, sugarcane spirit (Cachaça), and a side of rosewater spray. The whole experience leaves you refreshed and ready to head back onto the beach for more sand and sun.


Freehand Hostel’s newest addition is the cozy 27 bar and restaurant, located in a historic home across from its pool. Arrive early and wander inside, past the long communal dinner tables, and upstairs to the restaurant’s dedicated bar. Chat up the other friendly patrons – who range from international backpackers to hip businessmen – while you wait for your friends to get there. 27 is dimly lit and accented with lots of Mexican sugar skulls and tall prayer candles; it feels like a real home, albeit a very exotic one. Try one of the bar’s non-alcoholic, homemade aguas frescas or the lulo daiquiri, made with rum, tart lime juice, and invigorating mint grown in Freehand’s on-site garden. By the time your friends arrive, you’ll have whole little snug community waiting for them. You can’t say that for many Miami bars.

1930s House

You don’t hear the term “Havana speakeasy” thrown around much, but that’s the best way to describe the funky 1930s House at the new Thompson Miami Beach hotel. The bar is located inside a standalone bungalow that was actually relocated from across the street. Split a bottle of Italian white wine and a few petite plates of tuna crudo with your girls, then explore the historic property. Inside, the sofas and club chairs add bright punches of reds, yellows, and blues to the chandelier-lit room. Stroll across the Spanish-tile floor and out onto the garden; this would be the perfect place to bury yourself in an Ernest Hemingway novel – if you weren’t so distracted by the crisp wines and hot crowd.

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WunderBar at Circa 39 Hotel

3900 Collins Avenue Miami Beach FL 33140

(305) 538-4900

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