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There are so many adjectives you can use to describe yourself, from jet setter and shopaholic to a better word we’ve yet to discover for the dreaded “foodie.” Imagine combining that trio of descriptions into one fantastic retail experience–minus the lost luggage. Once you’ve stepped foot into Europa, you’ll see what we mean. A deli slash market slash cafe, Europa really does bring the best of that continent to South Beach without anything getting lost in translation or, pardon the stereotype, burnt to a crisp. You feel like chugging a Bosnian beer while your spicy, saucy friend slathers curry ketchup on her kebab? Head to Europa. Looking for borscht not made by someone’s great grandma in Sunny Isles but possibly someone’s grandma in Odessa? Yup, Europa.

There’s also all sorts of spectacular imported cheeses, caviar, pâté, herring that doesn’t have to be assembled in Ikea, and dry cured spiced beef of a type not found in a 7-11. When your better half wakes up with a craving for spatzle with scrambled eggs, don’t freak out like a lost American in Berlin, just go to Europa, where you’ll find that and so much more such as muesli or potato pancakes with egg, cucumber, sour cream and smoked salmon.

Best of all, you non-home cooks can just adopt Europa as your kitchen away from home, since it serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily from 8am to 10pm They’re not kidding around here. There’s also an excellent selection of imported beer, wine, and house-made desserts. Owner Alexander Ringleb, a Dusseldorf culinary grad, is an alum of swanky South Beach Italiante Casa Tua. A trip to Europa is better than drinking around the world in Epcot, because this is the real deal, where sandwiches are served on baguettes or pretzel rolls filled with all sorts of schnitzel, smoked duck breast, cheeses, meats, and sausages. No turkey legs here unless, well, they actually hail from Turkey.

Photo by Quinn Dombrowski

Europa Delicatessen & Gourmet Market

425 Washington Ave Miami Beach FL 33139

(305) 524-0070

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