Enjoy a Blast to the Past at the National Hotel’s Blues Bar


You’re an admitted fan of irony (minus the ironic facial hair) and are seeking out a swank sipping spot where you’re not going to run into any boldfaced tabloid fodder or be subjected to the latest pop pablum. This doesn’t make you cranky and out of touch, it makes you retro. To live on the cutting edge without getting sliced up by schlock, grab your friends and head to the brand new, retro fab Blues Bar at the recently renovated deco darling, the National Hotel. Here, you’ll sip vintage cocktails such as the Floral Flute, a fancy name for Prosecco, or the National Hemingway, which is actually white rum, or a Cucumber Fresco made with crisp, clean gin.

Speaking of Hemingway, while contrary to popular lore, the mojito was not his favorite drink, it may be yours when you try one of the Blues Bar’s so-called “dressed up mojitos.” And speaking of dressing up, in an environment as posh as this–all dark wood, polished floors, and flickering candles–you may feel the need to wear something well starched, but remember, this is South Beach, where anything goes. Dress up if you want, but you probably won’t be the only beach bum if you go that route.

The prices are pretty much of a throwback as well, albeit not to the ’30s, more, say, the 1990s, where a cocktail will set you back $6 to $8 should you find yourself there between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. on Wednesdays (hint, hint …). During the daily happy hour from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m., you will hear jazz and blues while stuffing your face with free, yes, free, appetizers. Retro or not, free wins every time.

Photo by Ana María Guardia

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Blues Bar at the National Hotel

1677 Collins Ave Miami Beach FL 33139

(305) 532-2311

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