Miami is filled with larger-than-life museums and galleries. From Renaissance masterpieces to modern classics, you can see all forms of art in this thriving metropolis. But the true lifeblood of Miami’s art scene won’t be found in its most high-profile locations. Instead, you’ll find it coursing through small, grassroots, community galleries like Locust Projects. Located in the Wynwood Arts District, this exciting art space is one of the best places in Miami for an outing with friends. Expect the unexpected as you take in rotating exhibits from experimental and contemporary artists. You just might see a live performance piece with Haitian dancers and heart-thumping drums one day, or find yourselves navigating around slabs of concrete from artists Ruben Ochoa and Nicholas Hlobo the next. Whatever you encounter, it’s sure to stir interesting conversation among your friends as you head out on your next Miami adventure.

Locust Projects

3852 N Miami Ave Miami FL 33127

(305) 576-8570

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