Clink Your Beer Glasses at Kush


Long before hipsters got all hopped up on craft beer, you and your persnickety pals were already discovering the joys of well-bred brewskies. Or were you? It doesn’t really matter now, because craft beer is as ubiquitous as a Kardashian and twice as refreshing. Then again, at Kush, there’s no such thing as ubiquity. You’ll see when you enter Wynwood’s buzzy, brick-walled bastion of beer fanatics opened by the folks who gave Coconut Grove a Lokal hangout.

But realize this: you’re not going to any run-of-the-mill Miami hot spot. This place promises to educate you on craft beer, and it delivers. At Kush, they have many mantras, including our favorite, “No hostess. No Corona. No vodka.” Not that there’s anything wrong with those things. It’s just that when you’re at Kush, it would be a shame to go all normcore in your drink selection with so many rare brews to choose from. Choose beers from eighteen regular taps, one nitro tap, a cask, and an impressive list of bottles–including a few classics that have been cellared like fine wine.

For those of you with an unquenchable thirst for beer knowledge, Kush is also command central for special events involving the pioneers of Miami’s exploding craft beer industry. But Kush isn’t entirely about beer. After all, you can’t drink on an empty stomach, which is why a menu of beer-friendly bites made with locally-sourced ingredients is available to help you enjoy it properly. Here, you and your friends can scarf down Johnny Utah burgers with homemade ketchup, homemade key lime pie, and maybe a few alligator bites if you’re in the mood–ask your bartender what pairs with gator. It’s hard not to get hopped up on all of it, so take your time, try a few different things, and make plans to continue your beer education in the near future.

Photo by Kate Borkowski

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2003 N Miami Ave Miami FL 33127

(305) 576-4500

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