Ceviche 105: Get Positively Peruvian on Girls’ Night Out


From Cuban tamales to fresh stone crab claws, you and your girlfriends have tried almost every type of cuisine Miami has to offer. Almost. You’ve never done upscale Peruvian on girls night out, but that’s about to change when you visit Ceviche 105. This hip spot downtown likes to stylize its name as CVI.CHE 105, but you don’t have to. What you should do, however, is arrive early so you can settle in to one of the super-cool white booths and order a round of pisco sours–the national cocktail of Peru–before getting to the serious business of ceviche. You’ll hear it before you see it, as your friends gasp in awe when the fire-lit ceviche sampler makes its way to your table (no shortage of drama here). Nod your head in approval and murmur a resounding “mmmm” as you blow out the flame and dig in. You can almost taste the rich history behind the traditional dish—it dates back to the 1500s—as you bite into fresh coriander and lime marinated fish, shellfish, octopus, onion, and other goodies. The upbeat tempo of the background music will match the rising chatter and giggles going on at the table as you make short work of the cool, tangy delicacy. And who could forget dessert? Certainly not you girls. Split the chirimoya mousse and guanábana crème brûlèe as you cross one more cuisine off your list, and make plans for an encore visit.

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Ceviche 105

105 Northeast 3rd Street Miami FL 33132

(305) 577-3454

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